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The coworking and flexible office space industry is growing and becoming more diversified, offering more choices and experiences to meet the needs of an ever growing workforce. Our audience of entrepreneurs, startups and small to large businesses – are now enlisting this trend as their opportunity to work and grow. Whether a reader is looking for their next workplace or own, operate or thinking about building or converting an existing space, About Coworking is here as a resource to help.
One Place for the biggest news in coworking
About Coworking news stream is organically curated and aggregated by industry consultants, brokers and other experts.
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Ad Types

5Initially, we are keeping it simple with rectangular Banner Advertising.  In the coming months, more ad types including YouTube, podcasts, newsletter and other sponsorship opportunities will be available.   Our goal is to offer a new advertising experience for both sponsor and subscribers with traditional and more unique ad types.

Ad Size and Placement

One size banner ad with two navigation options is the initial offer for all advertisers.  All Banner ads will be available for placement on homepage and run of site.
The primary banner will be placed near the top of the second section of all pages in the sidebar position.  Depending on page and position, the banner ad will stick while scrolling for partial or the full length of the page.
Advertising Opportunities
About Coworking’s goal for site subscribers is to offer a unique user experience through easy negotiation of content and media on site.  To reinforce that mandate, we strive to make advertisements as unobtrusive as possible.
Editorial Sponsorship
About Coworking writers can help brands and companies better align their advertising and marketing efforts by creating premium editorial content and media.
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An editorial sponsorship available to companies whose products or services have been carefully evaluated and meet About coworking standards. This type of sponsorship will highlight the product or service best qualities and why About Coworking believes they can be useful and beneficial to our readers.
Intoductory Price
We are offering all advertising/sponsorship  placements, sizes and types at a flat rate for a limited time.  Take advantage of this great opportunity to align your brands marketing efforts with About Coworking today.